Erev Rav: Art. Culture. Society

Erev Rav is an independent journal of Arts, Culture and Society, edited by Yonatan Amir and Ronen Eidelman;
Established in early 2010 to advance the discourse on art, and to support a multi-cultural, democratic, pluralistic discussion on culture.

Erev Rav online magazine publishes articles, reviews, interviews and essays about art and culture.
In addition to our online journal, we publish special printed Issues based on themes, and organize events such as video screenings,
performances and artist talks.

  • Key Comments On One Footnote

    • 06/07/2016
    • רונן אידלמן

    A Conversation With Lea And Diego by Ronen Eidelman | an excerpt from the book *Heara – Independent Art in Jerusalem at the Beginning of the 21st Century